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Tripod Grip Crayons

Crayola’s Washable Tripod Grip Crayons are perfect for your daring doodler. Their triangular barrels are designed to fit nicely in toddler hands and promote proper writing grip – and they won’t roll off the kitchen table! With eight different colours, this pack of crayons gives your kids plenty of options for colouring or free, imaginative drawing.

These crayons are fully washable and do not stain skin and most washable clothing so parents can have peace of mind while children get adventurous with drawing.

Includes 8 washable tripod grip crayons

Washable formula easily washes from hands and most washable clothing

Crayons are double wrapped to prevent breakage

Unique triangle shape helps guide little fingers into the tripod position for more purposeful and controlled drawing

Recommended for ages 24 months and up

Safe and nontoxic

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