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Best First Yoga Poses for Babies and Toddlers

Did you know that children are born practicing yoga poses? It comes naturally to them.

I had seen pictures of yoga poses for babies and toddlers and read articles on the benefits of yoga for infants, but only when I saw my own blossoming yogini did I really understand the impact of yoga on little ones. Beaming with excitement and pride, my daughter used the poses to express herself. When she was a baby, it built her strength and flexibility and allowed her to channel her energy in a positive way.

Yoga is an important part of my life, and I have intentionally modeled this healthy lifestyle for my daughter as she grows. As a baby, I had no idea how enthusiastic she would be about yoga and how beneficial it would be for her at such an early age. I created a yoga-friendly environment by encouraging her to express herself through movement and by praising her for her efforts. She learned yoga poses by watching me, reading yoga stories for children, and acting out a variety of her favorite animals.

Today, I would love to share my daughter’s first yoga poses to show how easy and fun yoga can be for your young ones.

Baby Animals Yoga Poster
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